Our approach takes the guesswork out of business planning, marketing, and product innovation by helping businesses harness the power of their data.

We help groups engage in ongoing, practical, and sustainable resilience practices that produce real results.

Through resilience thinking, businesses cultivate effective processes that empower and sensitize business decisions to customer insights, market trends, and data they already collect.

We are resilience thinking experts, researchers, and strategists that will support your team throughout the strategic process and help you create a lasting resilience movement in your organization.

Claire 2018

Claire Chase, Ph.D.

Lead Consultant, Resilience Thinking

Claire is a Ph.D. with her feet on the ground. A strategist at heart, she is always solving puzzles and finding patterns in order to guide her clients to resilient futures. Unable to shake her love of teaching, Claire is RBD’s resident educator, helping teams regain their sense of curiosity in order to make effective change in their organizations.

Claire is an expert in helping clients turn data into informed decisions. She coaches groups to embrace all data (even the not-so-good news) in order to turn insights into effective strategies. After starting her career in brand strategy and market research for companies across healthcare, financial services, consumer goods, education and nonprofit industries, Claire went on to get her Ph.D. from the University of Colorado Boulder. Her years of helping clients and conducting research (so much research) led her to discover the best approaches to resilience thinking for businesses. And, she can’t wait to tell you about it.